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Welcome to Online calculator. This website is a collection of some web based calculators for all occasions. Most of the interactive calculators pages are implemented in JavaScript so make sure your browser is JavaScript enabled. We hope you find this calculators useful.

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With our 100% mobile compatible and user friendly design, our site aims to provide you with the most efficient service for your valuable travel. All the calculation and estimation modules included in our site have been developed entirely by you. You will not be redirected to another site on our site. We are continuing to develop our site, which started with the 2015 general election simulation, as a publication site based on advanced estimation methods and web applications based on routine calculations within the framework of requests from you. You can access the basic pages of our site for non-application purposes from the fixed menu at the top. You can access our forecasting and calculation modules from the menu on the left. When our site is displayed on smaller display devices, the design changes automatically and the menus are displayed at the top, with only the menu headers visible. You need to click on the expansion key on the right to open the corresponding menu content.

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